Sandford Heritage: Cordite Clay & Calluna

“Sandford Heritage: Cordite Clay & Calluna” was a community heritage project which gave the people of Sandford, near Wareham in Dorset, the opportunity to discover and celebrate the history and wildlife of the heathlands, and the history of the village. It was funded by a grant of £42,000 from the “Your Heritage” programme of the Heritage Lottery Fund. The grant was applied for by the Urban Heaths Partnership who hosted the project and was used for consultancy in oral history (recording people’s memories), archaeology, events, equipment, a publication booklet and DVD, and a part time project officer. The project ran from January 2011 to December 2012 and it is hoped that some aspects of the project will continue through 'Sandford Heritage Community Group.'. The project covered the whole of Wareham St Martin Parish

Autumn 2018 events

Autumn 2018 events
Our autumn programme starts on Sunday 7 October with a historical walk around Sandford led by Ben Buxton and Pat Andrews. Meet in the car park of The Sandford pub at 2pm. This will be a leisurely walk of about 2 miles on pavements and heathland paths. This event is free. (Ben Buxton will also be leading a guided walk on Sandford Heath for Back From The Brink/Plantlife, on 24 October, 2pm. It is free but booking is essential: contact Lindsey Death on

The Rodgetts and Filleuls of Sandford House 1863-1947

The Rodgetts and Filleuls have long been forgotten apart from a few local roads named after them, but they were key figures in the history of Sandford.  Miles and Mary Rodgett could be called the founders of the present village. When they bought the Sandford Estate  in 1863, only the pottery, the Terrace and about five other houses existed. As well as building Sandford House for themselves, they built the school/church/community hall, (now called the Sandford Heritage Hall), Home Farm, and provided houses for some of the estate workers.


Dorset's Big Bang: Catastrophe comes to Holton Heath

One bright Summers morning in June was to become a day never to be forgotten to the people of Sandford and the surrounding area. Everybody knew about the 'secret' factory at Holton Heath and what it did. Moreover, those who worked there knew only too well the dangers they faced on a daily basis. The history behind the manufacturing of Nitroglycerine had a bad track record, its developmental pathway was paved with death and destruction. The oily yellow liquid had a bad characteristic; it was volatile, unpredictable and highly temperamental.

Revealed: the history of Sandford Pottery

Sandford Pottery, with its 180-foot tall chimney, dominated the village of Sandford near Wareham for more than  a century before it was demolished in 1979. In fact, when the factory was built in 1860, there was no Sandford: the village grew up around it. The pottery was a big employer in the Wareham area until it closed in 1966. Forest Edge housing development now occupies the site. Shaw Drive is named after the the Shaw family, the last owners of the pottery.

AGM and talks

The AGM of the Sandford Heritage Community Group will be held on Monday 6 November 2017, at 7.30pm in Sandford Community Hall. It will be followed by two talks: Bev Lagden on The Great Heath Project and Pat Andrews on recent revelations in Sandford's story. Come and hear about the activities of the group over the last year, and about future plans such as talks, events, wildflower planting... and bring ideas of your own. We have a series of talks coming up, see under Events for details.

Wildlife in the Garden (9) Wasps stripping off wood from my garden furniture

My garden furniture looked very unsightly with white blotches at the end of last summer. There was scarring on my wooden garden chairs by the pond even though I had used an outdoor furniture preservative in the spring to seal off and protect the wood. The damage was caused by social wasps

Wasp in action chewing off  the wood of a garden chair

Future Action Plan

Sandford community hall, Keysworth Road, 7pm Mon 20th February 2017 come hear ideas and contribute to the future action plan of Sandford Heritage Community Group!' Do you have a eco or wildlife project idea? Always wanted to research history? Looking to contribute to a local initiative with admin or other tasks?' All welcome, refreshments, FREE


Sandford Wrigglers talk and walk!

Find out about your local heathland reptiles and amphibians at this workshop with Rick Sharp of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, on Sunday 21st September 2014, 11am-2pm.

The workshop starts at 11am in Sandford Community Hall, Keysworth Drive, with a presentation on heathland reptiles and amphibians. This will be followed by a walk on Great Ovens Heath, with a glimpse, hopefully, of a reptile or two, and other wildlife.