Wildlife Sightings

Your Wildlife Sightings - Autumn 2013- Winter 2014

Claire, Urban Heaths Partnership Senior and 'West' Warden, provided us with Parish Nature Notes - June 2013 on our local heaths. We miss John Wright's monthly notes but are very glad he is on the road to recovery . We had an excellent talk at our AGM on the National Trust's Cyril Diver Project from Project Officer David Brown learning about the huge range of work, volunteers and experts recording in the Studland Peninsular. Ben Buxton has organised a local talk on 'Where did heathlands come from' by the eminent heathland professor Dr Nigel Webb, so get along if you can! The talk is free with room hire provided by our Parish Council, donations are welcome, especially towards refreshments.

Gathering our sightings alongside these experts compliments our understanding of wildlife in Wareham St Martin and I love hearing about what has been seen and photographs are even better adding to our 'picture' of the local habitat and wildlife fluctuations. Here are some reports over the Summer and Autumn/Winter 2013. With the advent of smartphones it is becoming potentially easier to capture; although I managed to press all the wrong buttons when a hoglet crossed in front of us on Maple Drive one sunny November afternoon.

Would a talk on nature photography be something our members would be interested in hearing or taking part in workshops next year?

Common Frog in Sandford Garden

Autumn Wildlife Roundup...More Reports are needed!

I am beginning to prepare an Autumn wildlife roundup. Please get any more reports to b.lagden@dorsetcc.gov.uk by the end of September. Slowly reports are trickling in...we have also managed some spotting on the walk to school already! Please send in any of the 'Sandford 5: Hedgehog, Sand Lizard, Common Frog, Common Toad, Glow Worm. The best time for glow worms has peaked but they can be seen in September http://www.glowworms.org.uk/ .

Your Wildlife Sightings - January to March 2013

The focus in this late winter wildlife sightings round up goes beyond the 'Sandford Goes Wild' 5 species. The range of sightings is growing and sightings of some bigger mammals feature this time.

Badgers (Meles meles)

At Sandford House a trip camera set up by local residents captured 2 Sandford Badgers feeding at night. The quick thinking Sandfordian put out food the night before and realised it was eaten so adeptly set up the trip camera to capture this brilliant image - 'BBC Springwatch' watch out!'

Badger Feeding from a bowl at night

Your Wildlife Sightings - Autumn 12

It's been a good autumn for Hedgehog sightings from 5 different local reporters. Hedgehogs are one of our most familiar and well liked British mammals. Often seen as 'gardener's friends' with their diet of insects, slugs and caterpillars. Their numbers appear to have declined in recent years. The Sandford Heritage Wildlife Group does not know if they are present in any numbers in Sandford. We are delighted that reports have come in over the last few months so we are a step closer to finding out.

Hedgehog at Night in Sandford

Your Wildlife Sightings - January to March 12

Following our recent update of the website with the results of the wildlife gardening questionnaire it is time to let you know what residents of Sandford have seen in their gardens so far this year. Our very first wildlife report was spotted by Jake in January! Jake saw a hedgehog in his front garden and emailed in a couple of wonderful photographs too, have a look below. 

Hedgehog, by Jake